United we stand divided we fall.. Here is a big announcement! 8 of the biggest events in the world have come together to create a champions battle at the end of the year. The World BBoy Series, Undisputed! It will be a 1 on 1 battle where the 8 one on one winners of Freestyle Session Worldwide, Red Bull BC One, The Notorious IBE Fanpage, Chelles Battlepro, Outbreak Europe, R16 KOREA, Battle Of The Year, UK B-Boy Championships, will get a shot at each other and be crowned as champion of champions.

To be honest this is a major step up in the community. All the biggest events coming together and building something for the bboys/bgirls to work for. There is a new challenge and the question is who is going to take this title home. People ask whats next in breaking or where it will be in 5 years. With something like this coming together it is showing us there is big opportunities for the future

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. We all have to elevate ourselves skill wise and professionally.

Good luck to every one this year.