My journey to 100

My journey begins here, I want to share my story on my journey to 100 wins. One win away from reaching this goal. Each victory has been a special moment for me. I want to go deeper into the journey of each win, so you can follow along for the next 100 days through #roxrite100 and thanks to @redbullbcone for helping me make this project become a reality. Also want to shout out SUB-4, @renegaderockers , @thesquadron07 and all the homies I’ve shared the floor with on this run. #roxrite100 #bboy

Off of Hiatus

For the first time in 2 years it is time to restart this blog. The last 2 years have been a roller coaster of emotions and life changing moments.

After years of actively running this site I hit a road block on writing on here. A huge role is the life changing things we experience. Being active in breaking and making breaking a career is a time consuming thing. When this dance goes from hobby to work many things change. There is no set schedule to this there is only time. One thing we must understand is that there is no right or wrong way to work this. Many that have become successful in dance, work it the way it fits for them. We all play different roles. For me breaking took over beyond words. Consumed with the constant thought of the next thing and what to do next to push to the next level. From creating content to preparing for events to traveling around the world. We are a jack of all trades, dancer, manager, teacher, videographer, writer, photographer, marketer, consultant I mean the list goes on. In the end the only thing that matters overall is your actual skill, talent.

Getting lost is the process of refinding yourself. I got lost, in the pursuit of all this I found myself uninspired on so many different levels. From life to dance, it hit me from all sides. They say balance is key. So creating that for yourself is important. It is still a work in progress not an easy job.

What now?

Time to start over and get back to expressing. Facebook and other platforms have become the main source for content and for sharing your thoughts and ideas. We are consumed by the instant, one moment gets forgotten by the next. An endless hole of the same reproduction of one liner or emoji posts. It is time for a personal change and that change is to share with the world again, this journey I am on. Videos, reviews, articles, and hopefully something for you to come back and be inspired or pushed by.

To all that have supported and come back to keep up with me through here, thank you.

ROX – Files


To start off my 21st year in Breaking, here is a solo session from May of 2002. We had just lost a crew member, RIP OJ. I didn’t know where this dance was taking me, I just knew that this is what I had fallen in love with. This is around the time when I found new inspiration from old tapes my friend had of us from the 90s. Through dance or any other thing you will go have your ups and downs. If you give up on something you may never know what could of been. Instead the passion for breaking is what I followed. Take the chance and see what comes..

2 Shots, 2 Kills ft Red Bull BC One All Stars


This year we have hit our 5 year mark of having the Red Bull BC One All Stars. It has been an incredible journey with many great memories. In July we got together for our annual high performance camp in Italy. After a busy first half of the year it was good to get together and build on different practices. There is a lot of work to do in our scene and there is new things to develop and understand for us to continue to grow. Besides learning, we also got to train together and build with one another. While there we got the chance to shoot a One Shot, One Kill concept video but with 2 shots, because we had to use all of us in the video. The only guys we had missing was Wing who is in the army right now. Finally getting all together and doing something fun here is the video shot by Lilou and Myself.



One Shot, One Kill ft. The Floorriorz


In this installment of the One Shot, One Kill series. I had the pleasure of working with The Floorriorz from Japan. Taisuke, Steez and Katsuya did their thing and repped. I would of wanted to have used the whole crew but it is to much for a one man band. Again the whole idea is to try and get bboys/bgirls to display there full potential on what a real round would look like. No practice videos with a bunch of cut up footage. Test the skill and get them to try and go off. Over all they made it easy on my by only getting it done in 2 takes. It was motivating to get back on shooting this so I plan on having more crews do this project. Lets who I can get next.. Peace and enjoy! thanks for watching

2014 Photos for the year..

These last few years have flown by with all of the traveling going on. So when things slow down at the end of the year i sit back and look over what I did through out the year. Yea i sometimes carry a camera with me every where I go, and people always ask me what I’m doing with it. I just say documenting these awesome experiences in my own way. That way when I look back at everything I will atleast have some flicks to look over. Here are some of my favorite shots from 2014 that I took myself. Well except for 1. No I am not a professional photographer FYI.


Lancer getting down

Ken Swift Teaching in Spain

One of the coolest locations I have ever seen, The City of 1001 Churches

BC One Paris

Nasty Ray Dropping a concrete 90

Sofia, Bulgaria

Taisuke in Perm City Russia

Roaming solo through Birmingham, England

Warsaw, Poland

In the Holocaust Memorial Berlin, Taken by Marisol

My pops

Renegades of the 90’s


In the mid 90’s breaking began to re emerge on a bigger scale all over the world. There was many bboys/bgirls at the forefront of the scene back then. From Europe to cities all over the USA there was someone coming up. In Cali we had so many crews establishing themselves to become future legendary crews. One of the most respected and impactful duos of the mid 90s was none other then 2 Renegades straight out of San Francisco, Jazzy J and Wicket. This video gives you a glimpse of what they we’re doing back then. I remember watching them on the old Best of The Best tapes and Radiotron. They always blew my mind, when I joined Renegades I would just hear all the stories of what these 2 had done. Once I started seeing the footage I was blown away by how advanced there approach to power was. I am honored to be a part of this legacy. Peep the combos!

Newest Red Bull BC One All Star


It has been announced, the Red Bull BC One All Stars expand the squad to 11 members. Our newest member is none other then the reigning champ Menno. Menno for the last couple of years has been taking the scene by storm, becoming one of the most coveted champions in the history of breaking. Winning almost every major one on one in the last 3-4 years. What does it take to be an all star? it takes consistency, influence and commitment you can not just show up for one weekend a year and make noise. You have to make your presence felt through out the year. He has a unique style and has definitely proven that the art of complexity and flow can be displayed in the biggest stages in the world. Congrats to Menno once again!

The Complex San Diego..


The Complex Team

As of today January 5th, The Complex in conjunction with Undisputed gym will be opening in the beautiful city of San Diego. The Complex is a place that will be catered towards BBoys and Bgirls. We will also have The Complex open for other dance styles so everyone is welcomed to come by and check it out. Having a facility for the local scene has been on my mind for a few years now. Originally my goal was to open a BBoy Spot here in SD. Things didn’t work out to make that possible, but it was worth the shot.

Cros 1, Lancer, Eddie Styles, Eranetik, RawKen, Shyism, El Oso and myself have come together to build and invest in making The Complex become a reality. We all have been a part of the scene for many years, so we feel that it is our duty to create something for our scene. By us, for us, we welcome everyone from beginners to veterans.

Our doors will open today with classes and an open practice. We are offering monthly memberships for practices, classes and workshops. Check all the details on our website

Here is our schedule

We will be having beginner classes for kids and people interested in learning about breaking.

I will be teaching an intermediate/advanced class while I am in town on Tuesdays from 6-7pm. Any local BBoys/Bgirls wanting to develop their craft more are welcomed to come by. This class will consist of self development as well as general development of breaking. Look forward to building with the local BBoys and Bgirls.

Come by and check us out! Here is our fan page as well The Complex